Laura Kajpust, Author

A young child standing alone in a school hallway, wearing a sweater and cast completely in a black silhouette

Braving Corinne

Slow burn

A romance featuring love in an asexual relationship, struggles with becoming a parent, and finding joy even in times of grief and hardship.

Ezra Bennant is a kindergarten teacher who has spent his life playing it safe. After his estranged sister passes away, he finds himself now a father figure to her daughter Corrine. Unsure how to reconcile her grief with his own conflicted feelings, anxiety begins to consume him. Meanwhile, the nonbinary animal rescuer Ash lives their life carefree, and falls head over heels for Ezra – even after Ezra faints at their first meeting.

Fear causes Ezra to keep everyone at a distance and depressed, unable to believe the words of anyone but the voice inside his head. Undeterred, Ash continues to show up for him and Corrine when they need it most. Corinne grows fond of Ash and begins to see the good in her uncle that Ash sees. It will take them teaming up to help Ezra find joy – and love – in being brave.

Draft In-Progress
Cover image for novel, featuring Faramund

Twisted Bonds


Faramund, Guardian of Celeibra's prince Alcaeus, only cares about two things: keeping his prince safe and following the rules. With Alcaeus' rule in jeopardy, a bumbling mage failing at spying seems the least of his problems — at least until the mage accidentally gets Faramund caught in his escape attempt gone wrong.

With no way back other than a truce with the offending mage Decebal, following the rules just got a lot harder.

Ex-princess Channary meanwhile wants her kingdom back from the Celeibran prince and is willing to do anything to reclaim it. Just one problem: an impostor is doing the exact same thing — and a way better job of it.

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