The Witch's Promise

Note: This comic was discontinued before being completed, so partly through it switches to sketches through the rest of that chapter. The script for the remaining story can be read beneath so the whole story is still available in some form.

Issue 1: The Deal
Issue 2: Problems with Contracts
Issue 3: Secrets to Forever Keep

*Amira jerks to attention when the door opens and Finn and Odde come inside. Odde is helping Finn to stand and he looks in poor shape. Amira is immediately alarmed at the sight of Finn*

Amira: *puts Kato down and rushes over* “What happened?!”

Odde: “None of your business!”

Finn: “Odde…”

*Finn looks up, and looks at Amira like he’s going to tell her something, but then starts suddenly looking around the room looking very confused; his expression is almost delirious*

Finn: “Am I hallucinating from blood loss, or is everything…clean?”

Amira: “Oh, sorry. I got bored.”

Finn: *looks at her funny* “I have books for that.”

Odde: “So long as you didn’t touch the desk.”

*Odde helps Finn over to a chair by his work desk; Finn stumbles and strains his way into the chair and looks very tired and in pain. Amira walks closer to Finn*

Amira: “Are you alright?”

Finn: “I’ll be fine. Odde knows what to do.”

*she looks over and sees Odde standing on a chair so he can busily mixing some herbs together on his desk*

Amira: “Can…can I help?”

*Odde and Finn both stop for a moment and look at her*

Odde: “S-sure…” *he makes room for her at the desk* “If you stir these together, I’ll work on the next part.”

*Amira nods and does what he says; Finn watches her carefully as they continue to create the potion*

*when it’s done, Odde hobbles over and hands it to Finn. He takes the cup, takes a sip and swallows, despite making a look of complete revulsion*

Finn: “Why does everything useful have to taste so disgusting?”

Amira: “Just drink it.”

*Finn grimaces but takes another swig and manages to finish it all*

Odde: “Now we just have to take care of the wounds.”

Finn: “Oh, lovely.” *he tries to stand up, but doesn’t make much progress* “Too bad my legs don’t want to move.”

Amira: “Come on.” *she offers a hand and helps pull him up; he almost falls down, but she catches him and helps him stand*

Finn: “Thanks.”

*she helps him to his bed and he sits on the edge and starts fumbling with the buttons on his vest. Amira sits down next to him and starts to help him. He looks at her, but doesn’t say anything*

*Odde comes over with a bucket of water and a cloth. Finn is now out of his shirt and vest – he has some long cuts on his chest and abdomen, and 1 on his shoulder, and a few smaller cuts on his arms*

Amira: *grabs the wet cloth from Odde and then looks closely at the wounds* “Do you need these…stitched?”

Finn: *laughs weakly* “No, don’t worry about that…I’ll heal fast. Just need them cleaned and bandaged. They hurt like hell.”

*she puts the cloth on his chest and starts trying to clean up the blood around it, trying to be careful not to hurt him*

Finn: “You don’t have to do this. Odde does it for me all the time.”

Amira: “I don’t mind. I already had to do this for Jøsten, although he wasn’t hurt nearly as bad.”

Finn: *smirks* “Oh, so I did hurt him? Wonderful.”

*Amira’s eyes flicker at him, annoyed, and then she puts some harder pressure on one of his cuts*

Finn: “Ow! What the hell?!”

Amira: “Hurting another is not something to celebrate.”

Finn: “Says the woman who is going to kill him.”

*she hurts him again; Finn flinches in pain*

Odde: “Stop it!”

Finn: “Yes, seriously! What’s your problem?”

*Amira stops and looks at him seriously*

Amira: “Answer me honestly. How does a witch manage to get hurt this bad? Or even at all?”

Finn: “I’m a witch, not a god. Not even close. Still mortal. I can still get hurt, and it sure isn’t fun.” *she goes back to work, looking irritated at his response. He looks away for a second and then reluctantly adds:* “It was another witch.”

Amira: “Another witch?”

Finn: “Sure. There’s plenty of them. The ones around here are a bit…territorial. Don’t like me much.”

Amira: “Will she be after you again?”

Finn: “No. I killed her.”

Amira: *pauses* “O-oh…”

Odde: “It’s good he did. Helena was a frightening witch.”

*Finn rolls his eyes; Amira has pretty much finished washing his wounds and now takes some bandages from Odde to wrap them with*

Odde: “Did she find out your name?”

Finn: “No, not at all. My entire family’s though, apparently.”

Amira: “Your family?”

Finn: “Don’t sound so surprised. It’s not like witches weren’t once human.”

Amira: “…”

Finn: “She would have cursed or killed every one of them. Couldn’t have that…they’d be so pissed at me for involving them.”

Amira: “You must love them very much to protect them.”

Finn: “Hahahahaha! Is that so? They hate me, though. All but one of my siblings think I chose this to spite them. They’re probably right.”

Amira: “So you do have a name.”

Finn: “I told you I did. I didn’t lie. But I’m still not going to tell you.”

Amira: *raises an eyebrow* “Don’t you think knowing you had a family is far more humanizing than a name?”

*Finn looks unsure how to answer, and then finally musters:*

Finn: “Why’s it matter to you?”

Amira: “Calling you ‘witch’ is a bit tiresome.” *looks at Odde* “Do you know his name?”

Odde: *looks proud* “Of course!”

Amira: “Really? You tell the troll your name?”

Finn: “Well…yeah…He’s my friend.”

Amira: “Seriously?”

Finn: “What?”

*Amira just shakes her head and stands up; Finn looks a bit confused, looks to Odde whose like “idk”, thinks a bit, and then sighs. Amira has walked away from him and her back is to him.*

Finn: “Finn Trygstad.”

Amira: *she turns around* “What?”

Finn: “My name was – is? – Finn.”

Amira: “Finn?”

Finn: “I told you it wasn’t very intimidating.”

Odde: “Why’d you tell her?!”

Finn: “I don’t know. Blood loss?”

Odde: “Go to bed.” *he jumps on the bed and pushes Finn over*

Finn: “Not appreciated.”

Amira: “Go to bed.”

*Finn scowls but gets into bed. Odde jumps off the bed and turns towards Amira*

Odde: “He’ll be good as new tomorrow so long as he sleeps.”

Finn: “I don’t want to sleep. Not tired.”

Odde: “You have to.”

Amira: “I hate to remind you, Finn, but as you’ve told me - you’re still mortal. Still human. Witch or not, you have to rest to heal.”

*Finn just grunts and turns away, but still has clearly no intention of sleeping*

Amira: “Stubborn, aren’t you?”

*Kato suddenly starts crying. Odde sighs and Finn looks annoyed*

Finn: “Well that’s not going to help!”

*Amira smiles and goes to pick up Kato; once she’s holding him in her arms, she starts to rock him and sway whilst singing a lullaby to him. Finn closes his eyes to listen.*

*when Kato has fallen asleep, she looks back towards Finn and sees that he has fallen asleep also. She smiles gently*

Odde: *looks amazed* “Was that some kind of spell?”

Amira: *chuckles* “Sure. One which only works on the hearts of human men.”

*Odde looks like his mind is totally blown*

Odde: “Amazing!”

*she gives Kato to Odde, who happily holds him and walks beside Finn. She pulls the blanket over him and moves some of his hair off his face*

Amira: “Just a man after all.”

*later Amira is reading one of Finn’s books while talking to Odde, whose playing with Kato on the floor. Finn wakes up and rolls over, sees them and looks disgruntled*

Finn: “I said I didn’t want to sleep.”

Amira: “So you did.”

*they don’t say anything more and eventually Finn sits himself up*

Amira: “You feeling better?”

Finn: “Of course.” *he stands up and pulls off the bandages, and then inspects himself* “Yup. Good as new.”

Amira: “That’s pretty remarkable.”

Odde: “Actually I think that’s the least impressive thing we’ve ever done.”

Finn: “Probably.” (Finn starts putting on his shirt and vest)

*Odde goes over to Amira and hands her Kato back*

Odde: “Sorry. Business to address now that he’s awake.”

*Amira just nods. Finn cocks his head at Odde, who hurries over to him*

Finn: “What business?”

Odde: “I forgot to tell you before...I have a message for you. From Sven.”

Finn: “Sven? So he’s the sonuvabitch that ratted me out to Helena.”

Odde: “I…She might have eavesdropped on us. I’m sorry.”

Finn: “Don’t worry about it. She’s not telling anyone now. What’d he want?”

Odde: *glances towards Amira, who meets his gaze and then shyly looks away and pretends to focus on Kato*

Finn: “Don’t worry about her.”

*Amira looks back towards them, listening*

Odde: *looks back at Finn* “He just wanted to talk to you.”

Finn: “Oh, I’m sure…but when he wants to talk, it’s a trap. It’s always a trap.”

Odde: “A trap? Isn’t he the one who likes you?”

Finn: *smirks* “That’s the problem. He keeps trying to ‘reconcile’ me with everybody else.” *his smile fades and he looks grim* “I should tell him not to try contacting me anymore.”

Odde: “But…”

Finn: “Helena was right. Proper procedure is to kill them. They’re a weakness.”

Amira: “Family isn’t a weakness.”

Finn: “Well, aren’t you one to talk? You made a deal with me to find your husband. Your ‘family’. I’d say that’s a weakness. Desperation pushes people to make deals, and nothing pushes them harder than family.”

Amira: “Sounds like you talk from experience.”

Finn: “No. I’ve been doing this job a while, okay?”

*Amira looks like she doesn’t believe him, and Finn ignores her*

*Amira starts looking at some of the books on the bookshelf absentmindedly. She picks one up and starts flipping through it*

Amira: “Where’d you get all these books?”

*he walks over beside her*

Finn: “I’ve picked them up from here and there. Some people gave them to me in exchange for my help.”

Amira: “You like reading?”

Finn: “It passes the time.”

*she puts the book back on the shelf*

Amira: “I always preferred having someone read to me.”

*Finn looks at her smiling*

Finn: “Yeah? Then maybe I should read to you.” *he laughs a little* “Although I admit my selection is not the best. Very limited.”

Amira: “Then perhaps we should play a game to pass the time.”

Finn: “I’m not too bad at cards. Although I could never beat my brothers.”

*Amira smiles*

Amira: “Lukas taught me a lot of tricks. I bet I could beat you. Name your game.”

*he grins at her*

*Some time later: Finn was sitting with Amira and Odde. There are cards on the table, and a few books. Finn gets up*

Finn: “Well, I ought to get going.”

*he picks up his cape and top hat, starts heading for the door*

Amira: “Running away because you lost? I thought you said you weren’t bad.”

Finn: *a bit flustered* “I’m not running away! But you’ve distracted me enough already.”

Amira: “Distracted you from what? Roaming the forest aimlessly?”

Finn: “Never aimlessly.”

Amira: “Going to meet your brother?”

Finn: “Definitely not!”

Amira: “Helping that one girl get her man?”

Finn: “In a less than socially acceptable way, yes. Got to get some things, make some plans. Witch business.”

Amira: “Fine, but you should at least eat first. I know I’m hungry. You do eat, don’t you?”

Finn: “Of course I do!”

Amira: *smiles and gets up* “Are you hungry?”

Odde: “We can make porridge! I love porridge!”

*Odde leads the way past Finn to the fireplace and starts going through shelves grabbing things. Amira, who followed him, starts to help him. Finn watches them a bit dumbfounded*

Finn: “I...Why are you being so nice?”

Amira: “It’s amazing the things people do simply because they want to. I have nothing to gain by being mean.” (to Odde) “Oh, that’ll work nicely.”

*Finn stands by the door uncertainly/awkwardly. He puts a hand on the door, but doesn’t open it*

Finn: “I really should...”

*Amira glances back at him*

Amira: “You can afford some minutes to eat.”

*She smiles at him, and after he looks at her he smiles back*

Finn: “I suppose.” *he takes his hand from the door and walks closer to her and Odde*

Finn: “Need me to do anything?”

Amira: “Can you cook?”

Odde: “No! No he can’t! He can make potions, but not food.”

Finn: *looks offended* “I can cook!”

Odde: “Noooo you can’t.”

Amira: “Well, why don’t we play it safe and you can just offer some conversation?”

Finn: “I can do that.”

*Finn pulls up a chair and sits down*

Finn: “Have you ever met a seven-headed troll?”

*conversation fades out - continues with a few more panels of them talking having a good time together. Implying much more time passing and them having a good time*

(later, in the evening. Finn is walking outside in the snow with Odde)

Odde: “She’s nice.”

Finn: (seems a bit distracted, but in a good mood) “Yeah.”

Odde: “It’s been a while since we’ve had such company. You two seemed to be having a lot of fun. When was the last time you really laughed like that?”

Finn: (he focuses a bit more on their conversation and smiles) “It’s been a while, yes.”

Odde: “I do like the extra company. I hope the numbers man doesn’t come too soon.”

Finn: (pauses before answering) “Me too.”

Odde: “She’s not as fun as her husband, though.”

Finn: (now agitated) “Let’s not talk about him.”

Odde: “Why not?”

Finn: “Just don’t. I need you to deliver a message back to Sven. Don’t take so long to deliver it this time, okay?”

Odde: “I’ll try.”

*Finn hands him a note which Odde stuffs in his pocket*

Odde: “Well, it’s a shame that she’ll have to leave once Jøsten is gone. But I suppose there’s nothing that can be done about that.”

Finn: “Not necessarily-” *he stops himself, thinks a moment, and then says harshly* “You’ll just miss the baby.”

*Odde scowls*

Odde: “You never miss anybody.”

Finn: “Just go deliver that. I’ll see you tomorrow, or whenever you return.”

Odde: “Fine.”

*Odde runs off in one direction and Finn watches him go. He then turns toward a different direction and looks like he looks troubled/conflicted/unsure. His expression changes to resolution and he walks off into the winter fog of the woods*

*Finn is by a lake that’s half-frozen. There are fairies flying around him*

*a horse is in the water, seemingly drowning and crying out*

*Finn casually walks out to it across the ice; when he gets close, the horse suddenly grows a sinister face and suddenly lurches toward him*

*however Finn moves aside and grabs it around the mouth and holds it shut, and glares straight into its eyes*

Finn: “I know what you are. I’m a witch.”

*the beast [a Nøkken] suddenly looks panicked and tries to struggle free, but Finn holds it tight*

Finn: “Unless you want to die, you will do as I say.”

*it stops moving and looks at him with scared eyes. Finn smiles darkly*

*Amira looks up when Finn returns. She has Kato sleeping in her arms and she was rocking him. Finn goes straight to his bookshelf, grabs a book, and starts going to work*

Amira: “You could at least say hello.”

Finn: “Hello.”

*Amira looks annoyed with his attitude/indifference*

Amira: “Are they coming?”

*Finn stops*

Finn: “Your neighbor and Jøsten? Yes, I’ve heard word they are.”

Amira: *smiles* “Told you they would.”

Finn: “Well, hurray for you.”

Amira: “How are ‘we’ killing him?”

Finn: “However you’d like. Personally I’d rather make it quick. Quick slice of the throat? Stab to the heart? Don’t forget – you have to be the one to do it.”

*Amira suddenly looks a bit scared*

Finn: *turns around and goes back to work* “Oh, don’t worry. It’s not too hard. Just tell yourself he deserves it. You get to find out about your husband in the end, after all.”

Amira: “Have you killed a lot of people?”

*he ignores her*

Amira: “Do you…think I’ve made a mistake?”

*there’s a long stretch of silence, and then he finally says:*

Finn: “It doesn’t matter what I think.”

Amira: “Sure it does.” *she cocks her head and looks at him studiously* “Finn. Why did you meet my husband?”

Finn: “You know I can’t tell you that now.”

Amira: “Can’t or won’t?”

Finn: “You know the answer to that.”

Amira: “I don’t think you’re as bound to what you do as you think.”

*Finn continues working in silence*

Amira: “Have you been a witch a long time, then?”

*Finn has his back turned to her and is trying to ignore Amira; she puts Kato aside and stands up*

Amira: “Finn?”

*he says nothing and she starts to approach behind him*

Amira: “Finn.”

*she grabs his hat, which makes Finn turn around quickly*

Finn: “Hey!”

*she holds his hat high up above; Finn huffs and goes to try and reach, but he’s not tall enough*

Finn: “What’s your problem?!”

Amira: “My problem is with you! If we’re going to kill this guy together, you have to stop giving me the cold shoulder!”

Finn: “I want to help you, I really do. And I’ll do what I promised so long as you do your part. But I fear if I engage in your little game, you won’t be getting what you want.”

Amira: “I don’t understand.”

*Finn sighs and pulls out his knife. He holds it in his hand contemplatively, looks at it, and then Amira*

Finn: *Finn is looking at Amira very seriously, almost seeming to studying her* “What were you doing the last year while he was gone? You didn’t make any attempt to find him, did you? You just kept waiting to see if he’d come home, or found a distraction to keep you from thinking about it. I come along and you jump at the chance to find out what’s happened to him. Offering to kill for him…well surely you must love him. But do you? I think there is something else going on here.”

Amira: “What do you mean?”

*Finn starts to circle around her*

Finn: “You’ve asked me more questions about myself than you have about your husband! Doesn’t that seem strange to you? Wrong?”

*Amira looks unsure how to respond, so he continues*

Finn: “People make deals because they’re desperate for something that will make them happy. I don’t think you made the deal you did because you think finding out what happened or where he is will make you happy. It’s an excuse. So why? Are you looking for an escape? Or just tired? Lonely?”

*Amira turns away from him and tries to distance herself from him*

Amira: “I wouldn’t say that.”

Finn: *he follows after her* “What, am I wrong? Correct me then.”

Amira: “I...”

Finn: “Do you love him? Do you really want him back?”

Amira: “Why wouldn’t I?”

Finn: “It’s been a long time. You don’t know where he’s been or why.” *Amira just looks away* “But you must have an idea. Isn’t that why you never went after your husband?”

Amira: *looks at him* “You said you were too busy to go after one man. Why should I be any different?”

*Finn smiles wryly*

Finn: “Okay. Fine. But I’m still wondering why you’re here. Why now?”

Amira: “Why are you asking, Finn?”

Finn: “I told you – I want to help. But how can I when I don’t know what you want?”

*Amira looks away, uncertain about how to respond; Finn keeps studying her, his face earnest*

Finn: “Amira.”

*Finn uses the knife to lift up her cross necklace that’s around her neck*

*she looks up; their eyes meet*

Finn: “Let me give you what you need.”

*he cuts the cord of the necklace and it falls to the ground; Finn then tosses the knife aside*

*he leans forward slowly and they kiss*

*the kiss grows more passionate*

Issue 4: Truth in the Lies

*male witch Norgrim approaches Elevine & Pernelius, who are currently preoccupied with each other*

Norgrim: “We have a problem.”

Elevine: “Is that right? And it can’t wait?”

Norgrim: “It’s that young blood. The coward who calls himself The Witch.”

Pernelius: “Stop worrying about him. He’ll loosen up in another hundred years.”

Norgrim: “He killed Helena!”

*the other two finally snap to attention at this*

Both: “What?” *they straighten up and free themselves from each others’ hands*

Elevine: “You know for sure it was him?”

Norgrim: “Oh yeah. Only a witch could have done it and last I checked we were still all in agreement with one another. The best part is I hear we’re next.”

Pernelius: “Does he want us to kill him?”

Elevine: “Small fish thinks he can eat the big fish. Charming.” *she sighs* “Gather the others then. Tell them we will finally show this young one what happens when he crosses with us. True witches.”

*Norgrim nods and walks off; Pernelius looks at Elevine seriously*

Pernelius: “Don’t you think gathering all of us is a bit…overkill? I could kill him in my sleep.”

* Elevine smiles and touches his cheek*

Elevine: “I know darling. But he killed Helena.” *her smile grows more sinister* “I want to see him rot.”


*Finn wakes up and gets out of bed. He stumbles around for his shirt and accidentally knocks over a small box by his bed. A few items spill out - Lukas’ ring among them. He picks it up and looks at it - guilt is clear on his face. He puts away the other items and the box but holds on to the ring and stands up. He approaches Amira quietly and a bit nervously/awkwardly, puts on his shirt but leaves it untucked and not completely buttoned. He sits down beside her eventually while she is amusing Kato*

Finn: “Amira…”

Amira: “Last night didn’t mean anything.”

Finn: *this grabs him, and he hesitates and looks hurt for a moment before he looks away and forces a smile* “Yes. Yes of course it didn’t.” *he looks down at his hand which is holding the ring* “We…shouldn’t have done it. Best pretend we didn’t.”

Amira: *notices his off-ness and pauses* “Finn?”

*he looks at her*

Amira: “Thank you.”

Finn: “For what?”

Amira: “That was what I needed. Now I know I still love him.”

*Finn smiles, but it’s half-hearted [a pained smile as he realizes she made the opposite realization that he wanted her to make] and he looks away. Amira notices his forced smile and looks concerned*

Amira: “Does it bother you?”

Finn: “Does what bother me?”

Amira: “That I still love Lukas?”

Finn: “No! No. Of course not.”

Amira: “So you’re bothered because he’s still alive, then?”

Finn: “What?”

Amira: “You’d have no reason to feel guilty unless there was something to feel guilty about. So he’s alive, isn’t he?”

*Finn stares at her a moment, doesn’t answer, and just hangs his head down and looks away. Amira smiles to herself*

Finn: “I…I should tell you what happened to him.”

Amira: “Lukas? But our deal was you wouldn’t tell me until after you had that Jøsten fellow.”

Finn: “I know, but…you should know. You aren’t going to like it.”

Amira: “…?”

*Finn just holds out Lukas’ wedding ring; Amira grabs it quickly and then looks at him suspiciously*

Amira: “Why do you have this…?!”

Finn: “I…took it from him.”

Amira: “So, what, you’re a thief for people’s jewelry?”

Finn: “Hardly. He gave me the necklace, as thanks for helping him if you’d believe it. The ring…the ring I took before that. As payment for the help. But he wouldn’t remember that, and he won’t even remember you, because his memories are stored in it.”

Amira: “What?”

*Finn looks at her solemnly*

Finn: “It was a number of months ago. I guess there’d been another skirmish in the woods. I can’t tell you how or why your husband was there, but he was. He was severely injured, but he was at least alive. And he begged me to help him. Said he’d agree to anything; he didn’t care. He just kept saying he had to get home. That he had to get to you.

“He was just another guy to me. So I agreed to heal him. We agreed on the ‘anything’. I decided…I guess I thought it would be fun…to take his memories in the exchange. So I helped him recover, but he couldn’t remember anything before that. Not you, not anything. Not even his name, so I never knew it.”

*he finally looks back to Amira, who is visibly upset*

Amira: “So he’s been alive this whole time? With no idea I existed? And you knew that? You’re responsible?!”

Finn: “I said you wouldn’t like it.”

Amira: “I thought he was dead! I was sure the soldiers had killed him! I only came with you because you showed me it might be something else!” *she stands up* “Do you know where he is?”

Finn: “Yes.”

Amira: “Have you known this whole time?!”

Finn: “Yes.”

Amira: “Tell me where he is!”

Finn: “You know I can’t-“

Amira: “Tell me!”

Finn: *stands up also* “If I tell you, you’ll leave!”

Amira: “That’s the point!” *she stares at him a moment, as if seeing him for the first time* “Finn…you’re a terrible person.”

Finn: “I’m a witch.”

*she just shakes her head at him*

Amira: “No. Just a man. Not a very good one.” *she turns with Kato, facing the door* “I’m leaving.”

Finn: “Amira. You can’t –“

Amira: “Leaving.”

*she heads out quickly and he just watches her go*

*he looks down, bites his lip, and then jumps up and grabs his boots*

*he’s soon hurrying down the mountain path after Amira and Kato*

Finn: “Amira! Come back, Amira!”

Amira: “I’m going to find Lukas – without your help!”

Finn: “Stop!”

Amira: *stops and turns suddenly looking at him bitterly; he almost runs into her*

Amira: “How could you do such a thing?! You knew he wanted to live for my sake!”

Finn: “I’m a witch! Doing people favors while simultaneously screwing them over is part of the job description! Do you get it now?!”

Amira: “Stop using that as an excuse! You’re a man, Finn! You have parents, siblings, and a life like everyone else! You might be able to do things normal people can’t, but it still hasn’t changed your humanity! You’re still human, aren’t you? Did you ever think about how that wife would feel? Or how he’d feel if he knew what you were taking from him? Because of you, even if I find him, he will never know his son…!”

(during above speech, she keeps moving in closer and closer to Finn and he retreats nervously and eventually stumbles backward; he winces and retorts:)

Finn: “I’m sorry, okay?!”

Amira: “Sure, you’re sorry now – only because you like me! You didn’t think of the consequences of what you do before and I doubt you’ll start now.”

*Finn stands up and replies meekly*

Finn: “I’m sorry. But you have to stay. You have to fulfill your end of the deal.”

Amira: “What’s it matter now? I got what I want.”

Finn: “No! You have to! These things are made to be non-breakable. That’s the thing about broken promises…both souls become cursed. You worse than I – everyone around you will be in danger of what wrath of nature will come upon you. Everyone Amira. Including your son. Our souls will never be at ease as long as it goes unfulfilled. The only other way to break it is if I kill you – and I don’t want to do that, Amira.”

Amira: “Not that you have any problems with killing that other guy.”

Finn: *he sighs and looks away, and then back at her* “Yes. You’re right. I’m sorry.”

Amira: “What do you want from me Finn?”

Finn: “I want you to live. Stay until the promise is fulfilled, please. I’ll tell you where your husband is, and I’ll give him back his memories.”

Amira: “You can do that…?”

*there’s a moment of silence where they just look at each other sincerely*

Finn: *smiles sheepishly* “Of course. I’m a witch.”


*Jøsten and Rekka are walking along the river; they soon approach a lake. They spot a horse near the shore, nuzzling at the bushes*

Rekka: “A horse! That’ll make the last stretch much easier by far.”

Jøsten: “I think it seems too convenient. Must be a trap.”

Rekka: “Don’t be ridiculous. It’s just a horse.”

Jøsten: “Already afraid of unicorns. You really think a horse is any different?”

Rekka: “Doesn’t have a horn.”

Jøsten: “That really doesn’t matter.”

Rekka: “Don’t be such a coward. I want to get this whole thing over with.”

*she approaches the horse, which perks up and watches her walk over closely. Rekka reaches a hand out slowly, touches its snout, and then starts to rub its nose calmly. Jøsten watches, wincing and slowly approaches himself*

Rekka: “I don’t think it’s wild. Must have gotten loose from a farm.”

Jøsten: “And you still don’t think it’s a trap?!”

*Rekka just looks at him and Jøsten raises his eyebrows and makes a “what” face; she rolls her eyes*

Rekka: “Come on.” *she hops onto the horse, and then offers a hand out to him*

*Jøsten approaches hesitantly; she helps him on the horse*

*the horse starts walking; Jøsten is still uneasy*

Rekka: “See? Everything is fine.”

Jøsten: “I have a bad feeling still.”

*they walk further. The horse leads them onto a frozen section of the lake*

Jøsten: “I’d feel better if we stayed on land.”

Rekka: “I suppose – “

*suddenly the horse whinnies and rears; Jøsten yelps and grabs onto Rekka, whose holding on tightly to the horse. The horse darts off with them on it across the ice – ice starts cracking and breaking under it’s weight*

Jøsten: “I think it is trying to kill us!!”

*the ice gives in under them and they all plunge in to the water; they both try to swim away, but the horse changes shape into its normal Nøkken form and lurches after them. Both struggle to stay afloat with it attempting to ensnare them. Jøsten manages to skirt away while it focuses on Rekka, who was making progress at getting onto a piece of ice. He starts to runs off while Rekka is starting to be pulled back in*

Rekka: “Jøsten!” *She pulls out her knife and tries to get ashore, but accidentally drops it as she’s pulled off the ice and into the water. She gasps as she fights to come up again* “Jøsten!!”

*Jøsten stops and looks back with a panicked expression*

*he sees the Nøkken drags her down yet again. He bites his lip and then runs back out on the lake*

*He slides on the ice and picks up a piece of broken ice and chucks it at the Nokken; it turns its attention to him furiously and loosens its grip on Rekka slightly and he picks up Rekka’s fallen knife*

Jøsten: “Hey you! Leave her alone please!” *he reaches out and grabs Rekka’s arm and starts to pull her towards him*

*He struggles to try and pull her onto the ice; it won’t let go*

Jøsten: “For the love of…” *He finds himself pulled forward and is almost also pulled in; he manages to pull back and continues to try and pull Rekka free* “Jesus Christ!”

*the Nøkken flinches at the name and he’s able to get a better hold of her. Jøsten finally gets an opportunity to slash at the creature and slices off some of the seaweed-like limbs ensnaring her. The creature cries out and pulls away. It flees. Rekka now comes free easily and falls loosely into Jøsten’s arms. They stare off at where it took off, dumbfounded*

Jøsten: “…I said it was a trap. Just saying.”

*Rekka looks up at him, and then bursts out laughing. Jøsten is surprised and then amused; he grins as he helps her onto the ice*

Rekka: “I suppose you were right.”

Jøsten: “I was.”

Rekka: “I thought for sure you’d left me to die…”

Jøsten: *smiles awkwardly* “Very tempting, but I am happy to say I resisted.”

Rekka: “Thank you.” *she shivers and takes off her cloak. She sits closer to Jøsten for warmth* “The witch…is probably going to kill you.”

Jøsten: “Oh yes. That is very likely.”

Rekka: “I’ll try not to let that happen.”

Jøsten: “I think it is too late.”

*Rekka spots the boat Amira and Finn had used before*

Rekka: “See that boat? It means we’re almost there.” *she points ahead to the mountain at the other end of the lake* “We’ll find him there.”

*Jøsten nods*

Jøsten: “At least someone will be saved.”


*Amira and Finn are back in his home; they are sitting close, yet separate. A bit awkward and are not really looking at each other*

Amira: “So I kill him.”

Finn: “Mmhm.”

Amira: “You’ll help…make it quick?”

Finn: “Of course.”

*she nods, and then there’s more silence*

Amira: (finally looks over at him) “Finn? One more question, and then I promise I won’t bother you with any more.”

Finn: “Sure.”

Amira: “You told me only people who are desperate make deals. So why’d you make your deal with the devil? What made you feel so forsaken that only being a witch could cure?”

Finn: *laughs to himself and then looks over at her* “You know, I wish I could tell you that there was some big catalyst for it, but the truth is…there wasn’t. I was just a boy who was tired. Tired of not being the oldest, but not being the youngest. Tired of always being in the middle. Unimportant. If there anything I was desperate for, it was to feel like I mattered. So when the opportunity came up, I took it.”

Amira: “But why mess with people then? You make it sound like you almost wanted to help people.”

Finn: (serious) “I do help people. The other witches weren’t fond of my helping. Had to maintain appearances.” (he then hesitates) “I…I guess after a while the line between ‘maintain appearances’ and ‘helping’ got a little blurred.”

Amira: “Before your promise with Jøsten was broken, did you try to help him?”

Finn: “I did help him. I upheld my end. He didn’t do his. Shame too…I actually felt bad for the guy.”

Amira: “What if it was all a misunderstanding?”

Finn: *sneers* “What’s there to misunderstand? It’s pretty cut and dry. You do your part, I do mine.”

Amira: “Sure, but…he seemed a bit…crazy.”

Finn: “No, he’s not crazy. I know I cured him of it.”

Amira: “Then why the obsession with numbers?”

Finn: “That’s just – “ *realization dawns* “Ohhhh shit.” *he puts his hand to his head and looks almost like he has a headache*

Amira: “What?”

Finn: *looks exasperated* “He still thinks he’s crazy! That’s why he didn’t do it! He doesn’t know I cured him!”

Amira: “Ah…I doubt sending things after him helped.”

Finn: “Ohhh no. No. Probably not.” *he leans back in his chair and covers his face in his hands* “Well this is a problem!”

Amira: “Why? Can’t you just clear up the misunderstanding and then let us be done with this? We don’t have to kill him now.”

Finn: “Ah-haha…yes we do.”

Amira: “Why?!”

Finn: “Becauuuse my contract with you does not specify you kill him only if we must. It’s ‘you kill him’. Period. So whether he does it or not now, you still have to kill him.”

Amira: “Oh.”

Finn: “Indeed.”

Amira: (now looks conflicted) “But if he...”

Finn: “Try not to think about it.”

Amira: “Is there…any other way?”

*Finn thinks a moment, looking at the promises on his wrist. He grimaces*

Finn: “Nothing I like.”

Amira: “So what will we –“

Finn: *stands up and grabs his hat/cloak* “Go to sleep. I’ve got some things to take care of. Tomorrow…tomorrow we’ll settle this.”

Amira: “Finn…!”

*Finn stops and looks at her earnestly*

Finn: “Just trust me.”

*Amira pauses and then Finn leaves*

Issue 5: The Beauty of Blood

*Finn returns early morning and seems to be very tired. His sleeves are both rolled up. He traces a design on Kato’s forehead and whispers a spell – the design stays until he finishes and then glows and fades away. He starts to put the same spell on Amira when she wakes up*

Amira: “What are you doing?”

*Finn quickly finishes the spell – the mark disappears on her forehead and she sits up as he leans back*

Finn: “Protection spell.”

Amira: “From what?”

Finn: “It’s my understanding today will be a long day.”

Amira: (notices he’s 1 less contract on his arm) “Fulfilled a promise last night, did we?”

Finn: “And there’s more to do today.”

*Amira looks over and notices Odde meandering about – Odde looks even more tired than Finn does*

Amira: “You’re back. Good morning.”

Odde: “It’s my bed time.”

Finn: “I know. Sleep. You’ve earned it.”

*Odde nods lazily and goes to his usual sleeping place*

*Finn looks at Amira seriously*

Finn: “We have another problem. Or rather…I do.”

*Amira immediately looks alert and worried*

Amira: “What is it?”

Finn: “The other witches I told you about? Well…it seems they’re hoping to kill me today. It’s partially deserved.”

Amira: “Will you be okay?”

Finn: “Sure, sure. Not your problem. I suggest we deal with Jøsten first.” *he lays down next to her* “We’ll go meet him. But I want to sleep a while first…*

Amira: “Of course.”

*Finn closes his eyes and there’s a moment of silence*

Finn: “Amira?”

*she looks down at him and sees his eyes are open and looking at her*

Finn: “Do you know how to kill a witch?”

Amira: “I’ve heard stories.”

*Finn smiles and closes his eyes again*

Finn: “Good…”

*Later in the afternoon: Finn and Amira are preparing to leave. Amira is wearing Lukas’ necklace and Finn hands her his knife. Odde is standing by, watching them and holding Kato*

Finn: “Wrap your cross around the blade.”

*Amira nods and does as he says*

Odde: “I wish I could go with you. But…the day…”

Finn: “I know. We’ll be fine.”

Odde: “I don’t like your plan.”

Finn: *laughs lightly* “Yeah…I don’t either.”

Amira: “What is the plan?”

Finn: “Just do exactly as I tell you and we’ll be fine.”

Amira: “Finn…”

Finn: (more sternly) “Exactly as I tell you.”

Amira: *nods* “Okay.”

*Odde hands Amira Kato*

Odde: “Goodbye then.”

Amira: “Goodbye Odde.”

*they begin to leave and Finn is just about to open the door*

Odde: “Finn!”

*they stop and look at him*

Odde: “It’ll work, right? You’ll be okay?”

Finn: “I hope so.”

*Odde just stands there with a worried expression and the two depart*

*Jøsten and Rekka are walking through the woods, on rockier land. Now closer to night*

Jøsten: “Are we there yet?”

Rekka: “Still whining, are we?”

Jøsten: “The sooner this is over with, the better.” *Jøsten notices a bird [Finn] circling overhead. He panics and grabs Rekka, making them both stop* “It’s him!”

Rekka: “What?”

*Amira walks out from behind a tree with Kato*

Amira: “Hello, Rekka.”

Rekka: “Amira!”

Jøsten: “You’re okay!”

*Finn flies down and lands next to Amira; resumes human form*

Rekka: “Give her back! She has nothing to do with this!”

Finn: “I know. But he has everything to do with this. He didn’t uphold his part of the bargain.”

Jøsten: “Well neither did you! I am still obsessed with numbers.”

Finn: *stares at him a moment in disbelief, and then facepalms. He sighs heavily & grabs Jøsten by the shoulders* “I hate to break it to you…but you were just born that way. That had nothing to do with the curse – WHICH I BROKE.”

Jøsten: “Say what?”

Finn: “The family curse would make you go insane, but you were always obsessed with numbers. That had nothing to do with the curse.”

Jøsten: “…I see.”

Finn: “And I’ll have you know…breaking family curses is a LOT of work! I had to find out which witch cursed you, find their living relative, kill them amongst some other hocus pocus…it’s a pain in the ass! All that aside…didn’t you notice you stopped hallucinating?”

Jøsten: “Not really. Between the fairies and dwarves, everyone said I was crazy. The unicorn didn’t help.”

Finn: “Unicorn?”

Jøsten: “Yes, the creepy unicorn! It keeps following me!”

Finn: “I…did not send that one. And I, uh, wouldn’t declare that so loudly if I were you.”

Jøsten: “…why not?”

*Finn pulls Jøsten aside and tells him quietly:*

Finn: “Only virgins can see unicorns.”

Jøsten: “…That does explain things.”

Finn: (steps back and talks louder) “Okay, so, now that that’s cleared up – you going to do your part or do I still have to kill you?”

Jøsten: “I do not wish to die!”

Finn: “So you’ll do it?”

Rekka: “What does he have to do?”

Finn: “Kill a witch. Preferably one of the local territorial lot.”

Jøsten: “I don’t know if I can.”

Finn: “I gave you what you need. Told you how.”

*Jøsten pulls the hex bag out of his pocket and looks at it, grimacing*

Rekka: (to Jøsten) “I’ll help you.”

*Jøsten nods*

Amira: (to Finn) “What about my contract?”

Finn: “One thing at a time please…”

*there’s a sudden large gust of wind which blows through – everything gets dark and misty*

*out of the mist, 6 witches appear surrounding them: Elevine [F; 711; looks 40], Pernelius [M; 593; looks 35], Norgrim[M; 172; looks 22], Synne[F; 263; looks 35], Delia[F; 72; looks 21], and Liljana[F; 134; looks 25]*

Elevine: “So you are trying to get us killed.”

Finn: “You started it.”

Elevine: “Hardly. We offered you lots of nice things…and instead you killed Helena.”

Finn: “Self-defense.” *he looks around at all of them* “I see you brought the whole crew. This is great – everyone who wants me dead in one place. All we’re missing is my family.” *his face darkens* “Good thing they’re dead. I killed them last night.”

Elevine: *smiles* “I doubt that.”

*Rekka grabs Jøsten’s arm and pulls him aside*

Rekka: “How do we kill them?”

Jøsten: “We can only kill one. Get some hair or something off them, put it in the bag, and light it with a match.”

*Rekka nods*

*Delia grabs Amira from behind; Amira yelps in surprise*

Delia: “What a pretty girl for a young Witch. Tell me girly, do you and your child fear the dark?”

*Delia grins wickedly and motions toward them with a sweeping motion. Shadows begin to pull up from beneath them and stretch – swirling and twisting, entangling around Amira and Kato. Amira clutches Kato close to herself. Finn throws a shot of magic light at Delia, who brushes it aside*

Finn: “Stop it. She’s just a client. Your problem is with me.”

*Delia lets Amira go slowly. All the witches start to focus their attention back on Finn and move in closer to him*

Synne: “You care too much.”

Liljana: “Unfit for your role.”

Delia: “Uncooperative with us.”

Norgrim: “Uncooperative with the Devil!”

Finn: “I disagree with that one. I’ve been very cooperative.”

Pernelius: “Regardless…you killed Helena.”

Eveline: “And for that you must die.”

Finn: “Yeah…I know…just not yet.”

*Finn quickly throws a protective spell around himself and Amira. Elevine, Pernelius, Delia and Liljana go after Finn/Amira. Norgrim, and Synne go after Jøsten/Rekka*

Jøsten: “This is a problem!”

*Rekka pulls out her hunting knife and looks ready for a fight*

Jøsten: “There’s 6 of them! I can’t kill one…! There would be 5…!”

Finn: “Don’t forget to count me – 7 witches!”

Jøsten: “Fair enough.”

*Finn tries to keep as many of the witches busy with magic as he can. There is massive battling going on between them all and is confusing to keep track of whose doing what – Amira stays huddled with Kato in the protected circle, watching on fearfully*

*insert epic battle/struggle here – Rekka gets hair from Norgrim and gives it to Jøsten. Jøsten puts it in the bag and lights up a match – when he lights the bag, Norgrim screams and starts to burst into flame like Helena did. The contract between Finn and Jøsten lifts and disappears*

Synne: “Norgrim!”

* Elevine pauses to see him disappear and looks even more furious; she turns back to Finn*

Elevine: “This is your fault!”

Finn: “Guilty!”

*Delia and Liljana join Synne in going after Jøsten/Rekka. Insert however they knock them out/incapacitate them. Finn & Amira are trapped in their circle of protection, now surrounded by all 5 remaining witches*

Elevine: “There’s no where to run. Accept your fate – you will die today.”

Finn: “I will – but not by you.” *he turns to Amira* “Amira. Kill me.”

Amira, Elevine, Pernelius: “What?!”

Elevine: “You must be joking!”

Finn: “Death voids the contract. If we can’t kill Jøsten and I can’t kill you…I’m the only one left. And I can’t kill myself.”

Amira: “…You’re serious.”

Finn: “Trust me. It’ll be okay.”

*they stare at each other for a moment quietly. Amira gulps and readjusts how she’s holding Kato so she can pull out the knife with a free hand*

Elevine: “You bitch!” If you ruin my fun, I’ll kill you next!”

*Amira walks closer to Finn and looks into his eyes – his face is calm*

Finn: “Everything will be fine.” *he puts a hand on her cheek and leans forward. He whispers something into her ear*

*Amira closes her eyes and nods. When she opens her eyes and looks at him again, she is starting to tear up*

Amira: “Our Father who art in heaven…hallowed be thy name.” (she starts to cry) “Thy kingdom come.” (she pushes the knife into Finn deeply; he flinches at the pain) “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses” (she pulls the knife out) “as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” (there’s a flash of fire in Finn’s eye briefly and his wound starts to burn and bleed profusely)

*Finn puts a hand at the wound and looks at the blood. He looks up smiling*

Elevine: “NO!! I was to kill him! ME! You bitch!!”

*Finn turns around and starts laughing - everyone goes silent*

Pernelius: “What’s so funny?”

Finn: “You better run before I die. The devil’s on his way.” *blood starts to slip out his mouth and he falls down to his knees* “That was my promise…he gets to come claim my soul…Personally.” *he collapses totally onto the ground*

*the witches look at him and then all around with panicked eyes, except for Elevine whose eyes are frozen on him in disbelief*

Elevine: “Y-you’re lying.”

*the protective circle starts to flicker and fade*

Finn: *he smirks* “Am I?” *he coughs up more blood – the promises around his wrist start to untangle and wistfully disappear. Amira looks down at her wrist and sees hers fly off her wrist and fade away. The first contract on Finn’s wrist starts to glow brightly while Finn’s eyes begin to gloss over*

*there is a deep rumbling sound suddenly coming from all around the woods. The witches look around fearfully*

Liljana: “I don’t think he was lying…!”

Pernelius: “Elevine …!”

*they begin to hear the sound of steps crunching in the snow*

Synne: “Elevine!!”

* Elevine finally snaps to attention and scowls*

Elevine: “Run everybody – run!!”

*the witches don’t have to be told twice – they all quickly take off. Some fly, some turn into animals. They all scatter off into the woods*

*shot of the Devil’s hoof feet walking through the snow – The Devil approaches Amira and Finn. Amira is sitting down beside Finn crying. She looks up at the Devil, who stops at Finn’s feet*

Amira: “Is there anything I can say to save him?”

Devil: “Nothing not risky.”

*she looks away sadly*

Devil: “I’m sorry you care, but he knew what he was doing. His soul is finally mine. Forever.”

*Amira nods bitterly and bites her lip*

*the devil kneels down and reaches his hand into Finn’s chest (there’s a glow around his hand as he reaches in)*

*the devil immediately looks puzzled*

Devil: “Oh dear…”

*Amira looks at him – he withdraws his hand*

Devil: “Oh dear!”

*he looks disgruntled and huffs. He then snaps his fingers and Finn gasps awake*

*the Devil grabs his shirt by his shoulder and pulls him up*

Devil: “Where’s your soul boy?!”

*Finn goes from surprise to laughter*

Devil: “Your soul! Where is it?!”

Finn: (still grinning) “Beats me!”

Devil: *growls* “You dare hide it from me? You dare break a promise with me?!”

Finn: “Never! You’re welcome to have it if you can find it.”

Devil: “But why is it gone?!”

Finn: “Oh, you know…we’re supposed to take folk’s souls, and I got to wondering…what would happen if I gave mine away?”

Devil: “Who did you give it to?!”

Finn: “Sorry – witch, client confidentiality.”

*the devil stares at him in disbelief, and then slowly breaks into a grin*

Devil: “You planned this from the beginning.”

Finn: *smiles back* “Pretty much. I was hoping to go longer than 14 years, but…well. Win some, lose some.”

*the devil laughs boisterously and puts Finn down. He stands up*

Devil: “Fair enough, Finn Trygstad! Can I offer you a new deal?”

Finn: “I thought you’d never ask.”

Devil: “I’ll let you stay alive on the condition that you go get your soul and put it back where it belongs…and next time you die, it’s mine.”

Finn: “And the first promise?”

Devil: *snaps his fingers – the contract on his hand disappears* “Gone. I’m not dumb enough to keep you a witch of mine. You’re human, human, human.”

*Finn sits up and nods*

Finn: “I hoped as much.”

Devil: “Well! This was fun. Enjoy your renewed mortality. Try not to die too quickly.” *he looks at Amira* “And I do hope we meet again. Charmed.”

*the devil tips his hat and in a swirl of wind disappears*

Amira: (eyes wide) “Oh my god.”

*Finn looks at her smiling*

*Odde comes running towards them from the woods*

Odde: “Finn! Finn!”

*he tackles Finn in a hug*

Odde: *lurches back with a look of disgust* “You’re human!”

Finn: “Told you it’d work.”

*Odde grins and hugs him again; Finn laughs*

Amira: “Who has your soul?”

Finn: “Secret.”

Amira: “Your brother?”

*Finn just smiles*

*Finn stands up and tosses his hat onto Odde’s head. Amira stands up also*

Amira: “Where are you going?”

Finn: “Home. Well, my family’s home. I unfortunately have a promise to keep…” *sighs wistfully* “It’ll be the scariest thing I’ve done. Don’t know if I’m ready.”

Amira: “Scarier than the Devil?”

Finn: “Pft, you have no idea. The Devil just wants my soul – my family actually wants me to suffer.”

*Amira chuckles and Finn tries to hold back a smile*

Finn: “I’m serious.”

Amira: “I think you’ll be okay.”

Finn: “Well that makes one of us.”

Odde: “I agree with her!”

Finn: “Ooh! Well, then maybe things really are in my favor.”

Amira: “So you’re going to be…normal now?”

Finn: “Something like that.” *he smiles at her* “You should go get your husband.” *he nods to Rekka and Jøsten, who are still knocked out* “After you help them, of course.”

*he starts to take a few steps away and Odde follows*

Amira: “Finn…”

*they stop*

Amira: “Thank you. I mean it. You’re a good man.”

*Finn looks back at her smiling*

Finn: “Nope. Just a man.”

*he turns and resumes walking again with Odde. Amira watches them disappear into the woods quietly, and then goes over to Rekka and Jøsten. She shakes them both awake*

Amira: “Rekka. Rekka! Jøsten!”

Rekka: “Nng…What? What happened?”

*Jøsten now jumps awake*

Jøsten: “Oh my! I am not dead!”

*Rekka jumps up alert also*

Rekka: “Is everything okay?!”

Amira: *smiles at them* “Yeah. Everything is going to be fine.” *she stands up and helps pull Rekka up as well* “Let’s go home.” *she looks off, her face distant* “But first…let’s stop at Gløvik.”

Rekka: “What’s in Gløvik?”

Amira: “Lukas.”


Finn: “So where were you keeping my soul anyway?” *he lifts up his drink to his lips*

Sven: “Well, you said to make sure the Devil couldn’t get it, right?”

Finn: (drinking) “Mmm.”

Sven: “So I hid it in the church.”

*Finn gags on his drink, but once he recovers, he laughs*

Finn: “You bastard! Well that explains the constant feeling of discomfort over the years.”