Laura Kajpust

Developer, Artist, & Author

Laura currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, though she's also lived in Atlanta, Georgia and outside Chicago, Illinois. She attended Ringling College of Art and Design for illustration, but changed careers professionally and is now a senior software engineer improving EHR (Electronic Health Record) software. She has worked as a graphic designer in book publishing and marketing and as a developer for an agency.

Coding Philosophy

When it comes to code, Laura is a big believer in documenting your codebase and processes, the value of mentorship, and using empathy to communicate with clients, users, and teammates. Writing code is only part of the solution to making tech — and the world — a better place. For more details on her experience and language knowledge, view her developer page.

Art Interests

As evident by her portfolio and comics, Laura loves to draw things that are cute, romantic, and feature family or friends. However, she's not afraid to draw some emotional or captivating fight scenes either! She works almost exclusively digitally, using Clip Paint Studio and Adobe Photoshop.

Writing Interests

Laura's favorite genre is fantasy, and most of her works involve magic and other worlds. Including diverse and LGBT characters is important to her, as well as touching on mental health and relationships. Epic fights and emotional scenes aside, you can expect her work to always be full of hope.

Headshot of Laura Kajpust