Sketches / Original Artwork

For commissioning a full colored illustration or painting, please see my commissions page [here]. Examples are available on this list here. For simple sketches or chibis, see below!


+ Sketches can be of any FC character(s), whether they're some random guy in the bg of a page, a main character, their family, whatever.
+ Sketches can also be of any other character [i.e. fanart, your own characters] as long as reference pictures are available.
+ I guarantee to have your sketch done within two weeks.
+ Payment is done through paypal.
+ To avoid being conned to doing work without pay, I ask all sketches to be paid upfront. Full-color work is done half upfront and half after completion.


- Single Character - $3 [can be bust or full-body]
- Additional Characters - add $2 per character
- Background - add $5

-RENDERED Single Character - $10
- Additional Characters - add $3 per character
- No extra cost for background!

- CHIBI Single Character - $5

Interested? E-mail me at lkajpust (AT) gmail (DOT) com with your request!

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