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Delusion in a Box Design    |    Laura Kajpust    |    [email protected]

Panic as Planned

Jude wants a perfect wedding, but his fiancee Lorelle just wants it over with. Fay wants her family together again, but her sister Aria is keeping secrets. When the wedding crumbles and Jude's life intersects with the girls, each decides the other is perfect for helping their plan to get their lives and relationships repaired. Unfortunately for their plans, there is only one thing on the agenda: make it up as you go, and try not to panic.

Panic as Planned is going to be a visual novel, but this doesn't mean it's only illustrations. My goal for this story isn't just to work on what I say when telling this story, but how I say it as well. This means using a combination of art, graphic design techniques, and even comics to experiment with whatever method I feel best communicates the story and emotion of each scene.


So far the manuscript is on the second draft and at 68k words. Optimistically, I'd like to finish a lot of editing by the end of this year.

Draft #2 Samples: Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5