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July 14th, 2015

5 Reasons Your Writing Needs Visuals

After all your hard work writing, you're eager to share it and be done. But before you do, pause and ask yourself: have you added any visuals? If not, here's five reasons you might want to think twice and add some visual splash before hitting "post."

1. Visuals grab attention fast.

Our eyes will go to images before they read any text. This provides a great opportunity to do any number of things for your writing! You can use an image to provide intrigue, elaborate on what the writing will be about, set the tone or mood, and so on. A great visual should get your audience eager to read what you have to say!

2. Visuals ease understanding of difficult concepts.

If your topic is complex, having any kind of visual aid helps a lot whether it's an illustration, chart, or infograph. If the audience for your talk is not an expert in the field, visuals become even more important to make complex information digestible and easier to remember.

3. Visuals guide readers and immerse them in the story.

Graphics can be used to lead your reader's eye where you can them to look. Why is this important for your writing? You can use images to create a visual hierarchy of your text, and clear, natural transitions through every section. A visual here and there gives "breathing room" for your text. In a world where no one likes to wait, this can make long writing more approachable and "friendly."

4. Visuals enhance your story.

Writing often aims to be simplified and condensed, and this sometimes means cutting out a few lines here and there that are extraneous. But that doesn't mean they have to be completely removed! Illustrations and graphics can feature these details as a bonus, but without making your original content too long for those who don't need it. Remember: Your images should REINFORCE or ADD to your written content--NOT distract. So when featuring extra details, keep them in the background or secondary to your content's focus. It needs to make sense in context, or you ruin #2 and #3.

5. Visuals create shareable content.

Adding even one visual can have a major boost on your social media impact for online writing. When your content gets shared, there is now a visual to go with the post whether it's on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Posts with photos or images are the most shared and liked content on social media! If the previous four reasons aren't good enough, why hurt your odds? Get your content shared!

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