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Delusion in a Box Design    |    Laura Kajpust    |    [email protected]

June 13th, 2015

Covers I Like

This month's covers are ones that jumped out at me while wandering the bookstore.

At it's core, this design works because of the strong power of the composition, shapes, and stark colors. Yet the added details and intricacies on both the type and maps keep you staring!

A Darker Shade of Magic, published by Tor

Artist: Will Staehle / Art Director: Irene Gallo

Read an article from Tor about the design of this book here!

Can you tell I like simple covers? the artwork has an old, fairytale charm, yet with a rough edge to it in the typography. The texture also helps bring out the best of both!

Poison, published by Titan Books

There is something peaceful in this chaos that makes you want to know more.

Just So Happens by Fumio Obata, published by Harry N. Abrams

This series got a redesigned look that feels fresh and appealing. The colors are lovely, and it's another design that beautifully balances simplicity with details.

Palace of Mirrors, published by Simon & Schuster

Artist: Sara Mulvanny

Leaving off the cover is a smart move that keeps the design of this burned book realistic while compelling you to pick it up just to find out what it is.

The Fire Sermon, Published by Gallery Books

It's complex, but not distracting. Your focus is kept on what's important.

Stitching Snow, published by Hyperion

Cover Design by Marci Senders

BONUS! Talk about an attention-getting and completely outrageous illustration. This book knows exactly what it is and has no shame in showing it off.

At Night She Cries, While He Rides His Steed, published by Regan Arts